Organising Committee 2018

Co-Chairs: Julia Hunter and Felipe Colon

Administration: Elise Halpern and Andrew Mikhail

Head Scientific Officer: Maddy Sugar

Scientific Officers: Kristyn Dunlop and Charmi Dholakia

Education and Workshop Officers: Kelsey McManus, Alex Mitcham and Evan Lian

Media and Design Officers: Branavan Vakeesan and Yavani Kulasingham

IT Officers: Anish Patil, Phil Hwang and Isha Bagwe

Public Relations Officers: Jessica Suddaby, Anish Patil and Carina O’Brien

Social Media Officer: Isha Bagwe

Events and Accommodation Officers: Nikita Bansal and Claire Gallibois

Sponsorship Officers: Andrea Harvey, Taylor Cunningham, Yasaman Besharatian and Phil Hwang