The idea of a student-led conference was first proposed by Ms Melissa Loh and Mr Hatem Ghorab to Dr Sarah O’Neill, Director of the Research Summer School in 2010. The idea was supported by Prof. Hannah McGee, RCSI Dean of Medicine and the Medical Faculty Office. Following the successful inaugural conference that was held in November 2011, the new organising committee was formed. Consisting both old and new members, the ICHAMS 2012 committee continued the work that the seniors have previously started. The 2nd conference was held on the 2nd and 3rd November 2012 at RCSI after one year of preparation. The conference welcomed yet again a diverse group of students from countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Romania, Bahrain, Nigeria and Thailand to include a few.





Conference abstracts were published in an online supplement with BioMed Central, and can be found at http://www.biomedcentral.com/bmcproc/supplements/7/S1.


Organising Committee for ICHAMS 2012

Co-Chairs:                             Noorin Walji & Gloria Young Hwa Soon

Scientific Officers:                Ken Liu & Thanujaa Subramaniam

Sponsorship Officers:           Rebecca Horgan & Vincent Ng

Workshop Officer:                Emmet Power

Events Officer:                      Zeyad Sako

Accommodation Officer:      Layveeniea Ananthan

Communication Officer:      Jamal Al-Amiri

Public Relations Officer:      Sarah Al-Nafisee

IT Officer:                             Gordon Wong

Project Officer:                     Shu Ying Ho


With Dr. Sarah O’Neill