The student-led conference founded in 2011 by Dr. Melissa Loh and Mr. Hatem Ghorab is back for its third consecutive with the support from Dr. Sarah O’Neill, Director of Research Summer School (RSS) and Professor Hannah McGee, RCSI Dean of Medicine and the Medical Faculty Office. The International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students (ICHAMS) will take place on the 11th and 12th October of this year. Undergraduate students from countries such as the United States, Sri Lanka, the Ivory Coast, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are expected to attend the conference.

Conference abstracts were published in an online supplement with BioMed Central, and can be found here

Organising Committee for ICHAMS 2013

Co-Chairs: Layveeniea Ananthan & Rebecca Horgan
Communication Officer: Marina Yostos & Shu Ying Ho
Public Relations Officer: May-Anh Nguyen & Nikita Rane
Scientific Officers: Danielle Zimmerman & Vincent Healy
Workshop Officer: Poornima Menon
IT Officer: Yasoda Subramanian
Sponsorship Coordinator: Anna Wolinska & Sarah Fitzpatrick
Events/Accommodation Officer: Daniel Creegan

ICHAMS 2013 Poster